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Medium and Long-haul flights

Ethiopian Cloud 9 Medium and Long-haul flights

Enjoy our Cloud 9 service with variety of delicious international dishes infused with home grown ingredients and tastes of Ethiopian national dish, prepared by our top chefs making your journey pleasant.


Medium and Long- haul flight Meal service

Our menu consists of carefully prepared appetizers, a taste of Ethiopian national dishes, creamy yet healthy meals, followed by the selection finest cheese, fruit and dessert. The cabin crew will setup your table to create the best dining experience. 


If you missed a chance to visit Ethiopia, we invite you to taste the colorful and delicious test of Ethiopian meal with a choice of meats, vegetables, spices, and sauces. The national dish is served along flat bread called Injera which is made from Teff and is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, gluten, and lactose-free eaters.
Enjoy eating our traditional meal using your hand by tearing off the Injera and scoop the wot. 


Inflight Entertainment

our selection of Hollywood blockbusters, TV hits, Music, Games, and other Inflight Entertainment programs will entertain you throughout your flight.
Wireless streaming is available on selected aircraft; enjoy our Inflight Entertainment using your own devices such us your phone, tablet, or laptop.


Relax and Rest

Enjoy and relax on our B777, B787, and A350 aircraft Cloud-9 seats that can be adjustable to your preferred position





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