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Turkey is like a big, fascinating puzzle with pieces of history, nature, and culture. When autumn arrives, it adds a magical touch to this already amazing place.

During fall, Turkey's colours change, and it's like a warm painting with shades of yellow, red, and gold. It's the best time to explore the beautiful parks and gardens, like Gülhane Park in Istanbul and Göreme National Park in Cappadocia. You can take a peaceful walk or have a cozy picnic surrounded by the changing leaves.

Turkey's old and cool buildings, like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, become even more special in the fall. You can also visit places like Ephesus, an ancient city that tells stories from a really long time ago. The fall season makes these places feel even more interesting.

As it gets colder, Turkey's yummy food becomes even more inviting. Try traditional dishes like hearty stews and warm Turkish tea. The fall is like a delicious journey through the different flavors of the country.

There are also fun events happening in Turkey during autumn, like the Istanbul Biennial and the KuzeyDoga Bird Watching Festival. It's also the time when people celebrate the harvest of olives and grapes with exciting festivals in different places.

Turkey in the fall is a special invitation to see history, nature, and culture coming together. Whether you're exploring pretty parks, learning about ancient places, enjoying tasty food, or joining in on the fun at festivals, Turkey in the fall promises a fantastic and unforgettable adventure. Now, let's find out about some cool things you can do in Turkey during autumn.

Flight frequency: Ethiopian airlines operates # a week direct flight from Addis Ababa to Turkey

Time zone:  GMT+3

Currency:  Turkish lira

Language: Kurdiah, Arabic, Zazaki, Circassian, Armenian, and English

Weather:  high of 21°C to a low of 11 8°C

What To Visit?

In autumn, Fethiye, a pretty town in Turkey, becomes extra special. The weather is not too hot or too cold, just right for fun. You can explore cool places like Ölüdeniz with its beautiful lagoon and beaches. The mountains around, especially Babadağ, look amazing with the leaves changing color.

If you like history, Fethiye has ancient tombs in the rocks that are really interesting. Walking around the town is fun too, with markets and cozy cafes to discover.

Autumn also brings yummy changes to the food. You can try fresh and tasty meals in seaside restaurants. It's a bit quieter than the summer, making it a nice time to enjoy the beach and the town without too many people around.

So, Fethiye in autumn is like a calm adventure. Whether you like exploring, relaxing, or trying tasty food, Fethiye has something for everyone during this quiet and beautiful season.

Mardin, a nice town in Turkey, becomes extra special in autumn. The weather is very perfect to explore. The old streets and buildings look even more charming with warm colours from the changing leaves. Autumn is a good time to visit Mardin's famous places like the Grand Mosque and Zinciriye Medrese. The views from the old city walls are amazing, especially with the pretty colours of fall.

Mardin is also known for its yummy food. In autumn, you can try local dishes made with fresh ingredients. The cozy restaurants add to the experience, making your taste buds happy. This season is quieter in Mardin, giving you a chance to enjoy the town's calm vibe. You can take easy walks, visit markets, and chat with friendly locals without too many tourists around.

So, Mardin in autumn is like a warm, historical picture. Whether you love history, culture, or just want a peaceful time, Mardin has something special to offer during this beautiful season. Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Turkey, is super cool in autumn! The weather is just right, not too hot or cold. Imagine the hills and valleys turning into a mix of orange, red, and yellow it's like a magical painting. Autumn is perfect for exploring Cappadocia's unique rocks and caves. You can take a balloon ride to see the colourful landscapes from the sky. The cooler weather makes it awesome for hiking and discovering ancient sites, like the fairy chimneys.

Cappadocia is famous for its yummy food, and autumn brings new flavors. Try tasty local dishes made with fresh ingredients. Cafes with cozy vibes make it even better. It's a quieter time in Cappadocia during autumn, so you can enjoy the beauty without big crowds. Take walks, visit markets, and feel the friendly atmosphere. Don't forget to sip some warm tea!

Cappadocia in autumn is like a dreamy adventure. If you love exploring, trying good food, or just chilling in a magical place, Cappadocia is the spot for you during this special season.

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