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Ethiopian Airlines Conventions is a a service that helps make organizing and attending international conferences easier. As one of the continent's leading carriers, Ethiopian currently serves 127 international and 22 domestic destinations operating the newest and youngest fleet.

Ethiopian Airlines Conventions privileges are offered based on the number of participants, destination, event time / season and the content of your conference, congress, seminar, symposium, panel, open session, forum, fair and festival organizations.

Ethiopia meets the needs of your meeting, incentive, conference or event (mice) activities

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Flexible Travel

  • Event should be International & attract international participants
  • Event should have at least 50 and more international participants
  • The venue can be on Ethiopian Airlines online city or beyond
  • The event must be covered by one of the categories of conference, congress, seminar, symposium, panel, open session, forum, fair and festival

By using Ethiopian Airlines Conventions product, organizers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • One point of contact for all event travel: manage and plan your travel through one central contact
  • A global conference discount: for your delegates, no matter where they are traveling from on Ethiopian Airlines network
  • Convenient 'Online hyper link' for air ticket discount
  • Extra Incentive: extra free tickets depending upon the event evaluation process
  • Announcement of the Event on all ET's Social media and website

As Ethiopian Airlines Conventions delegate, you can access the flight schedules of 127 International and 22 domestic flights across the world in one place, researching your options is fast and easy.

  • Attractive discount for Business and Economy Class tickets;
  • Flight period covering seven days before and after international events;
  • Book your flight any time before your event date
  • Purchase of discounted online tickets with an exclusive promotional code.
  • Sheba Miles program to earn miles




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