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Update on ticket rules to/from Tel Aviv
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  1. Passenger with reduced mobility (PRM), blind passengers, children under 12 years, passengers with infants, prisoners with escort and deportees are restricted from sitting in the exit row.

  2. Only passengers who can meet the following criteria can be seated in these rows:

    • Be willing to accept and carry out the responsibilities.
    • Be at least 15 years of age and able to perform the listed activities without assistance.
    • Do not have other responsibilities such as caring a small child.
    • Have no pre-existing condition (Physical or psychological) that might cause harm or prevent the person from performing these functions.
    • Read, hear and see well enough to understand instructions given for the opening of exits and perform the required functions.
    • Speak well enough to give information and instruction to other passengers during an emergency.
    • Be physically fit, strong and flexible enough to operate the exit and clear it of obstructions (may need to remove hatches that may weigh up to 35kgs/65lbs)
    • Be able to stabilize the escape slide, help other passengers get out through the exit and off the escape slide.

  3. Passengers sitting in exit row may be called upon to perform the following functions in the event of an emergency:

    • Locate the emergency exit
    • Comprehend the instructions for operating the emergency exits.
    • Operate the emergency exits.
    • Assess whether opening the emergency exit will increase the hazards to which passengers may be exposed.
    • Follow oral directions and hand signals given by a crew member.
    • Stow or secure the emergency exit window so it will not impede use of the exit.
    • Pass expeditiously through the emergency exit.
    • Assess, select and follow a safe path away from the emergency exit.
NB: Please note that selected exit seat may be assigned on discretion of the airline crew based on the situation and may deny the exit seat
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